Soft (people) skills training

Soft skills are a series of personal qualities, habits, attitude and social skills that determine a person's ability to adapt and fit in a social structure. In recent years, employers have found applicants and employees lacking in these skills.

Soft skills training helps increase productivity, retention, and personal responsibility in the workforce. Research has found that 9 out of 10 reasons given for dismissal of employees are related to these skills.

Most employers hire people based on initial reactions (how the candidate looks) or their "hard" skills (technical training or background). But they fire people based on soft skills.

Studies have shown that 85% of a person's success is based on soft skills, not their technical skills.

  1. The US Department of Labor has a series of videos and followup exercises to train workers on soft skills.

  2. Bring your A Game to Work

    Here is a poster you can print and a quick video showing seven essential soft skills.

  3. Health industry?

    The state of California has developed soft skill training specifically for the health care industry.

  4. Michigan has developed a series of video training for workplace softskills, including:

    • Humility
    • Communication
    • Conflict
    • Ethical Character
    • Personal Judgment
    • Problem Solving
    • Time Management
    • Diversity and Inclusion
    • Self-Confidence
    • Teamwork
    • Positive Attitude
    • Initiative
    • Flexibility
    • Work Ethic
    Click here to access these video trainings