Hotels: Top 10 Green Practices

Courtesy of Bay Area Green Business Program
  1. Monitor, record and post rates of energy and water use. Watch for changes that may indicate a need to repair or change equipment.
  2. Evaluate cleaners, sanitizers, paints, pesticides and other chemicals used throughout your facility. Can a safer product be substituted? Can a product be eliminated? Are chemicals being stored safely?
  3. Buy recycled-content products for the office, construction and remodeling projects.
  4. Buy in bulk, whether it's guest amenities or food for the kitchen.
  5. Start a recycling program for trash from guest rooms, the kitchen and your business office. Target materials: paper of all kinds, bottles and cans, plastics and cardboard.
  6. Provide incentives to encourage staff participation in efforts to "green" the establishment.
  7. Institute a linen reuse program in guestrooms.
  8. Install energy efficient lighting fixtures and bulbs, heating and air conditioning, washers and dryers, and other electrical equipment.
  9. Install water conserving showerheads and toilets in guestrooms
  10. Donate leftover food, amenities and other "extras" to local shelters or other recipients.
Green Hotels Association has green ideas, a catalog of environmental products, list of approved vendors and membership opportunities.