Auto Repair: Top 10 Green Practices

Courtesy of Bay Area Green Business Program
  1. Minimize the liquids you use and discharge. Clean up spills immediately and use dry clean-up practices.
  2. Cut out the use of absorbent (kitty litter, rice hulls, and dry sweep). Instead use a squeegee and dust pan or an oil mop.
  3. Replace your petroleum naphtha solvent sink with an aqueous-based sink or parts washer.
  4. Order recycling containers for newspapers, cardboard, plastic, and glass.
  5. Order motor oil, anti-freeze, and other fresh fluids in bulk, rather than in multiple, individual containers.
  6. Eliminate the use of spray cans. Replace with brake cleaning sinks or refillable spray containers.
  7. Replace T-12 bulbs and fixtures with T-8s whenever feasible to produce good lighting with lower energy use.
  8. Install timers or motion sensors to shut off lights in rooms that are not in constant use throughout the work day.
  9. Eliminate unnecessary car washing. For exterior cleaning use only plain water or prevent soapy water from entering a storm drain.
  10. Check your water bill monthly to look for and investigate spikes in use that may indicate a leak in your plumbing.