Encourage customers to use Google Review and Yelp

Customers are talking about your business - and it is your job to help manage that conversation. Today, people can easily share their opinion about your business using Google Review and Yelp. Your goal is to make sure there are lots of positive opinions on both systems.

Google Review: Anyone can add a Google Review to a business that participates in the Google Places program. The reviewer must have a Google account - such as a gmail email account - but those accounts are free. Businesses that receive a review are free to respond to the reviewer - but getting reviews removed from Google is difficult, if not impossible.

Yelp is an independent review site where people can put negative or positive comments about a business.

Businesses with customer reviews generally are posted higher in the search engine results than businesses without customer reviews. So, it is important that you encourage your happy customers to give you good reviews - and that you respond to negative reviews with an explanation or indication that you have heard their concerns and are addressing them.

 Click here for a video on how to use these programs.