ReturnUse Smart Phones and QR Codes to Increase Sales

QR codes are specialized barcodes that can be read by SmartPhones to take people to a website, a video, a telephone number, or a text-message. SmartPhones give people instant access to the Internet. Businesses are using QR codes to help potential customers instantly find more information about their products and services.

For example, grocery stores can have a QR code with a bottle of wine that goes to a website to help them choose great food to go with their wine. They have found that sales of products using QR codes have increased their revenue over 10%.

If your product is complicated and needs instant customer service, you can have a QR code that goes to your customer service phone line for instant help.

If your product or business has a "story" that makes it unique or interesting, you can include a QR code on the product or in the marketing materials that sends people to a video.

You can also have a QR code go to a video interviewing satisfied customers.

Salespeople can supplement their sales presentation with QR codes connected to videos - without the hassle of pulling out a computer and finding Internet access.

QR codes can be set up by anyone - and require no training and are free. You do need to connect the code to something (a phone number, website or a video posted on the Internet) or have a text message. If you are connecting the QR code to a website, make sure it is compatible for mobile devices (look at your website on a mobile device and make sure it looks good).

Click here to make a QR code.

Click below for a short video on QR codes.