Adopting an Attitude of YOU

The customer always comes first. To be a customer-centric business means thinking about benefits to the customer - ALWAYS. One way to show that you are customer-centric is to use the words "You" and "Your" ...not "I" , "We" or "Our" in your regular business communication. When you set this rule, it will force you to think about what you are saying from the customer's point of view.

Some examples include:
  • Not "We are shipping your order" . . . but "The pair of shoes you ordered..."
  • Not "We must receive your receipt with the merchandise before we can process your refund". . . . but "So you can receive your refund promptly, please enclose the receipt with the merchandise."
  • Not "I am happy to hear that you have selected our firm".... but "Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you."
  • Not "I will give you 10% discount" . . .but "You are eligible for a 10% discount"
  • Not "I'm sorry that the chairs will not be ready by August 25th as promised."...but "Due to a strike against the manufacturer, the desk chairs you ordered will not be ready until November. Do you want to keep that order or would you like to look at the models available from other suppliers?

Here is a short video (7:14) with more examples.

The only time NOT to use "You" is when you are saying something negative, because you want to protect the reader's ego. Here is an example:
  • Not "You should never use that type of paper in the copy machine". . .but "That type of paper doesn't work very well in the copy machine.