Are you fluent in AIDA?

AIDA is a proven marketing concept that helps refine all advertising and messaging so that it hits your target market and they take action to buy your product. If you DON'T use it, you are probably losing leads and not closing deals.

AIDA is based on 4 steps buyers need to take action:

Attention - or Make me Care
  • This can be a captivating picture; a slogan or claim that makes someone look twice. It is meant to create a strong feeling of interest and usually is solving solving some "pain" that the person is experiencing. It should be targeted to your target audience - something THEY care about - not you.
Interest - usually amplifies a problem or pain point.
  • It keeps the person's attention by giving a fact, a testimonial, or reason to look for more information.
Desire - why they really need this.
  • How it will improve the person's life, or the consequences if they don't get it.
Action - Simple way that person can get it.
  • Sign up on website, get free demo, get white paper, call toll-free.
Look at your marketing materials to see if each one:
  • A: Grabs your target market's attention and makes them care
  • I: Gives them more information that lures them in
  • D: Makes them emotionally WANT (desire) this
  • A: Shows them an easy way to get it.

You will know you are fluent in AIDA when you automatically look at all marketing materials to see how the advertiser is using these four elements to get people to take action and buy their product or service.