Comparing Business Credit Cards

There are so many credit card offerings. Are they the same? How do you choose?

Getting at least one business credit card is important for establishing business credit. Some lenders recommend that businesses have 1 loan, 3 credit cards and 5 vendors to create the strongest business credit.

Make sure the credit card company reports to credit reporting agencies. Not all do, and if they don't, you won't benefit in establishing business credit.


The first link below lists companies offering business credit cards and their terms (interest rates, annual fee, points, etc.)

If you pay your credit card off every month, you will want to compare the perks and subtract the annual fee. (use the 3rd link below)

If you don't pay off your credit card, you will want to compare the interest charges and subtract the perks to get the net cost. (use 2nd and 3rd links below)

If you don't redeem the perks, they are worthless, so make sure the perks are aligned with your purchasing habits.
  • To compare credit card offerings by company click here (US News & World Report)
  • For a credit card interest calculator, click here (
  • To calculate the value of your credit card perks, click here

Is your rate too high...or have you been paying your credit card regularly? Ask for an interest reduction. Script for asking for an interest rate reduction