Is your business idea feasible?

Business viability workbook from Iowa SBDC
The SBDC has created this 7-part workbook to help determine whether your business idea is feasible. Click here to go to the workbook.

Starting a Business: The Feasibility Analysis
This publication, created by the Montana SBDC, explains what a Feasibility Analysis is. It gives you some questions to explore and some pitfalls to avoid. Click here to go to the Feasibility Analysis.

Stages and steps of evaluating a business concept
There are three stages - and a total of 14 steps in evaluating a business concept. Here is a summary of the steps in evaluating a business concept from Central Arizona SBDC.

Business Blueprints: Is your Business Idea Feasible

Business Blueprints is a workbook created by the Arkansas Small Business Development Center. It has a series of questions that can be scored to determine a "go" or "don't go" decision for moving forward on your business. Click here to go to the Business Blueprints