Selling to Disaster-stricken areas

Hurricane Harvey has devastated the country's 3rd largest county in population. So how do businesses provide products or services during and after a disaster?

Officially, small businesses and local businesses must be considered in all contracts. Unofficially, it is difficult for emergency officials to reach these businesses in a disaster. Therefore, it is best to get on the procurement list of all the local cities and counties in your area BEFORE a disaster strikes.

Selling to FEMA

First, FEMA does not buy a lot of "stuff". Instead, it provides grants to cities, counties and states. So you will need to contact the LOCAL government agencies to sell your products and services.

With that said, the local government agencies have to comply with FEMA's requirements when they purchase items. So you will also need to know a bit about FEMA.

Here is information about selling to FEMA:

Be prepared to provide cost information and your company background, and fill out lots of paperwork. The government does not want fraudulent or disreputable contractors.

Here is more information about selling to Government.

Selling to the Red Cross

The Red Cross handles emergency supplies and food during the immediate disaster. Its procurement site is: Red Cross Procurement.

Selling to Government agencies who will receive FEMA funds

The state, counties and incorporated cities receive FEMA funds. Other government districts can apply for FEMA funds as well. Businesses can sign up as vendors and can watch for bid opportunities. If a large company gets the bid, they are generally required to subcontract with smaller businesses, so be sure to contact them so that your business can be considered.

Here are the government procurement websites in the Hurricane Harvey area: Here is a list of cities in Harris County that are likely to get FEMA funds:

More Information

As part of YOUR disaster preparation plan, get signed up as a vendor for your local government agencies. Click here for the websites.

If you want to remove debris, YOU MUST HAVE HAZMAT CERTIFICATION.

FEMA provides funds to non-profit childcare centers for providing services during and after disasters.